Light shines on the righteous

and joy on the upright in heart. (Psalm 97:11)

In spite of dark moods I have felt from of depression, glimpses of light have flashed to help me see I am on the right track, in right relationships, making the right decisions. These moments have been accompanied with joy knowing I am not alone, and that my suffering is not in vain.

One such period of joy came when I first met Alice – the woman who would become my wife. I had been through a rough stretch and endured some painful relationships. I had nearly given up on finding a life companion. Lost in the darkness, I wrestled with the decision of whether to pursue an internship and devote myself solely to my pastoral career or continue working in group therapy on some pivotal issues that were hindering me from experiencing intimacy in relationships.

In the midst of darkness, a ray of light shone, and it dawned on me it would be best to stay and work through my relationship issues. That week, I met Alice and we began our life together. I cannot imagine I would have survived, much less thrived at times, in this journey without her.

Light dawns on us when we least expect it, when we most need it. It comes not just because we’ve done something right. Light shines because Jesus Christ has made things right through his sacrifice on the cross. The Righteous One directs his light on our darkness, brings clarity that speaks to our confusion and offers joy that brings laughter to our despair.

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