Restoring Relationships

Create in me a pure heart, O God,

and renew a steadfast spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10)

At a Bipolar Support Group meeting I attended, a woman confessed to having repeated affairs on manic binges throughout her nine-year marriage. Once caught, she felt compelled to leave home, convinced after a particularly angry confrontation that her husband could never forgive her.

It is possible she was right. But I urged her to reconsider the decision to leave for good and at least work on their relationship. While infidelity does wreak havoc on many marriages, it is within God’s power to purify our hearts stained with sin and renew our spirits so that love can be restored.

It doesn’t always happen, but what a blessing it is when God claims victory over the forces that divide us and unites us once again. The statistics aren’t good for persons with bipolar remaining married, but I have found tremendous reassurance having this sacred bond in my life to promote healing and wholeness.

Even now that I am separated from my wife and miss her daily companionship, I have valued our life together and will continue to be in a relationship with her, even if it just as a co-parent.  She is a wonderful mother for our children and a devoted “keeper at home.” There have been times I have betrayed her trust, yet she has remained faithful. I pray, in the years ahead, I will show her as much respect as she has shown me. And with God’s help, I will.

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