Divine Restraint

If God were to give us what we deserved, we would be in a sorry state. Instead, God is merciful and compassionate. In Christ, God forgives our sin “while we were yet sinners”—when we least deserve it.

Lord knows, I’ve done many things wrong and failed to do many things right such that I deserve the full force of God’s wrath. Yet, time and again, I’ve escaped with a warning, a slight corrective punishment, reduced consequences, even an encouraging word of discipline.

As people with bipolar, if God gave us over to our illness, to the demons within, it would be disastrous. We would surely be destroyed. Instead, God encourages us to look to Christ. The consequences of wrath for our actions and our attitudes are replaced with love from the sacrificial gift of Christ on the cross.

In the cross of Christ, God restrained his anger from us and redirected His wrath by essentially taking it upon Himself, in the form of His Son who bore our sin, who “became sin” for us that we might be saved. In Christ, the penalty for sin has been paid. We are set free for a life of joyful obedience, delighting in the Lord throughout our days.


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