Human beings ate the bread of angels;

he sent them all the food they could eat. (Psalm 78:25)

When I was first hospitalized for an episode of bipolar disorder, I had no idea how I could afford to pay the bills. I had no guarantee of future employment (and ample signs that I wouldn’t be able to work). I had next to no savings. I was fortunate to have insurance coverage that provided some measure of relief, but I wasn’t sure how far that would stretch.

In time I came to see just how God provides. My church stepped up and gave me a paid leave of absence. My denomination dipped into some relief funds for pastors to cover some of the extraordinary expenses. People provided childcare, sent over meals, and gave in ways too numerous to mention.

I had a counselor once (more into “karma” than “grace”) who, when I reflected on God’s abundant provisions in my life tried to explain it as a return on my investment of “good will,” But this isn’t how it works. God gives us what we need – often through the generosity of the God’s children not as “payback,” but as a loving gift. The best we can do in response is show our gratitude by sharing this love with others.

I realize many, many people with bipolar disorder have faced much more desperate situations than I have. I am only grateful for the abundance God has shown me and my family during difficult times. I pray this generous spirit might flow through my own words and deeds as I respond to others in need.

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