10 Reasons to Leave Your Psychiatrist

Give us aid against the enemy,

for human help is worthless. (Psalm 108:12)

I have Christian friends who advise me to steer clear of psychiatrists who do not share my faith perspective. I believe God, however, can use even atheists to promote healing should God choose to do so. I’ve had some excellent psychiatrists and some real stinkers. During one period where it seemed I was getting one bad psychiatrist after another, I decided (in frustration) to laugh instead of cry. I composed a satirical list of ten ways to tell it might be time to leave your psychiatrist.

It’s time to leave your psychiatrist when s/he says:

Enough about your mother, let’s talk about mine.

Sure, the blue meds are working, but the pink pills are so much cuter.

In my professional opinion, you’re crazier than a loon.

Suicide, smooicide.

If you want a taste of E.C.T., just stick your tongue to this car battery.

What was that you said? I was too busy picturing you in the nude.

Before we treat your O.C.D., I’d like you to clean out my garage.

You think you’ve got problems! My Porsche has a flat tire.

I can see now why your wife wants to leave you.

You think you’re fat because you are fat.

This kind of human help is worthless. Fortunately, God provides professionals who care much more than this. It’s our job to keep looking until we find them.

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