The Breath of Life

Read Ezekiel 37.1-14

God’s Spirit breathes in us the breath of life. The Holy Spirit breathes life, truth and unity into our dry bones.

God’s children are refugees, festering in pain and despair. In the midst of their death and dying, God tells Ezekiel to proclaim new life. Flesh will form on the dry bones. Muscles will connect the flesh. Skin will cover and protect from disease. New life. God’s spirit breathes new life in us.

God’s spirit is closely related to the breath which brings life, to the wind that blows. In the Hebrew language, the word “ru’ah” may be translated either as spirit, wind, or breath. This tells us something about God’s spirit. The Spirit is as basic to our lives as the breath that we breathe. The Spirit is as unpredictable as the wind.

What do we believe about the Holy Spirit?

Veterans of WWII who stormed the death camps of Nazi Germany found a similar scene as Ezekiel did.  My stomach churns just watching newsreels of the grotesque visions of bodies piled up in a pit, of dry bones lying around the ground, of survivors that look like living skeletons.

God proclaims deliverance even to the dry bones. Even when we face the most difficult struggles in our lives. Even when our bodies grow old and fail to work as they used to. God remains with us. Breathing life into dry bones.

We believe in the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit brings life, truth, and unity to our world which is filled with death, deceit and discord. God who is Creator and Redeemed acts as Sustainer, moving within and among us to breathe new life into old and tired bones.

What is the Spirit’s life?

The hope of new life in the Spirit infuses us with abundant life, now and forever. Jesus made it clear that the kingdom of God was more than just wishful thinking about a land by-and-by. It is both a future hope that all things will be made new and a present reality that in the Spirit of Christ, we live as God’s children, heirs of this promise.

What is Spirit’s truth?

It is not something we can easily get a handle on. We see within the church how many different views arise out of reading the same Bible. This was true even in the days of the Apostle Paul. Divisions occur as one individual or group claims to have possession of the truth and breaks off to separate themselves from persons of impure faith.

Holy Spirit truth doesn’t work this way. It’s not revealed only to a select group. It’s often revealed to those we least expect. As the Bible says, “Out of the mouths of babes…” We don’t have a corner on God’s truth and we are best off working together that the Spirit which brings life might also bring us truth.

Finally, what is the Spirit’s unity?

Unity goes against our fleshly nature. We tend to separate and divide, to categorize, and draw distinctions. This is the way of the world and we Christians tend to fit right in.

The Spirit of God is a spirit of unity. The Spirit of truth. The spirit of life. God’s spirit breathes new life into our old and tired bones. Just like the breath of life and the wind of truth, the spirit of unity comes when we least expect. Often times in spite of our selves.

God’s Spirit of life, truth, and unity breathes new life into our tired bones. Those who are dead and dying receive hope that this life is not all there is. Christ died so we might live. abundant and eternal lives. Those confused about who to believe about disturbed about deconstructed relativity can know the truth of God’s Word inspired by the Holy Spirit. Those torn apart by separation and filled with anxiety about competing loyalties and know and grow in a relationship with the One who makes us one.

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