Read Exodus 1.8-2.10

 Moses owes his life to the grace of God displayed in the courage, compassion and care of five women. His escape from certain death hinges on an unlikely, hopeful plan that his sister Miriam and his mother carry out. God births Moses through the ministry of two midwives. God protects Moses with the help of his mother and his sister Miriam. God nurtures Moses Pharaoh’s daughter raises him as her own, providing him a good home and loving attention.

The faith of these women inspire them to hope against hope. They risk their own lives plotting this boy’s rescue. For them, faith is a matter of life and death. They choose life and risk death doing it.

These women are called to be part of a rescue mission. People of faith from all times and places have been called upon to be part of God’s rescue team. Missionaries who bring medical supplies and treatment and the good news of God’s love to distant lands. Evangelists who call on people to redirect their lives and live for Christ. The Salvation Army, who works with the poor and downtrodden to bring a hopeful message and a helping hand. God has consistently called people of faith and faith communities to be active in a rescue mission to bring hope to barren places, life in the midst of death.

This rescue mission continues for us today. We have seen it in attempts to help flood victims meet immediate needs and recover from their long-term losses. We see it in health care workers and people committed to bring the hope of healing to someone suffering from pain, illness and disease. We see it in parents and teachers who devote their lives to helping children make good choices and follow Christ in their lives.

You may not be able to point to a single instance where God has rescued you from danger or death. Unlike Moses, we haven’t suffered under an awful tyrant like Pharaoh. But look and see how God has worked in you to shape your life in loving and meaningful ways. In Christ, our lives have been given meaning. We are called to be a part of God’s rescue mission, saving people from the powers of sin.

I have felt God’s saving power in my own life. You see, the men in my family are notorious for drifting and drinking. My great-grandfather was known as a drunk. My grandfather never held a steady job. He died when he was off drunk, hit by a semi while he was walking down the middle of a highway. Even my father, who has come a long way and worked hard to provide for his family, has often drifted away rather than facing his problems.

In college, I saw myself drifting along this same path of self-destruction. I tried to hide from my problems and numb my pain. I was caught in a vicious cycle, going nowhere fast.

Thank God, I had a couple of good friends willing to point our how I was abusing myself and hurting others. They encouraged me through prayer and long talks to re-focus my life. I remember one friend who drove 45 miles one night to sit with me, talk with me and keep my coffee cup filled while I searched for God in the darkness.

God has saved my life and given me the strength to face what life has to offer. With the spirit of Christ, I say confidently that nothing can separate us from God’s love. God’s spirit can re-shape our lives, give us a purpose, get us active in God’s rescue mission.

In Christ, God saves us from sin. Without Christ, our lives lack meaning and purpose. We drift from one moment to the next. In Christ, God calls us on a rescue mission, to spread good news to a lost world. Take part in this great mission, using the gifts God has given to you: teaching, caring, serving, giving, leading, sharing an encouraging word. You are part of God’s rescue mission in Christ. Present you whole selves to God as a living sacrifice. Dedicate your lives to the service of God. Receive God’s saving power and share it with everyone you meet. In the Spirit of Christ.  

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