A Sacred Rest

Read Mark 6.30-31

Some time ago, there was a law suit filed against a hospital claiming that a young medical resident allowed a person taken into the emergency room to die. The resident had just completed 40 hours of grueling work, without sleep, in this busy city hospital. Sheer exhaustion prevented him from making good medical judgment.

In response to the suit the state legislature made it illegal for residents to work long hours without rest. To protect lives, it is necessary that those who care for others care for themselves as well.

Many times we made damaging demands on ourselves and others, sometimes even in the name of God. 

As God’s people, we do have much work to do, but we can’t become so absorbed in it that we fail to honor the Sabbath rest God provides, and expects from us.

When you go to bed at night, do you worry about the things you’ve done or failed to do that day?  I do. Rather than stew about things left undone, let’s instead get the faithful sacred rest God provides and turn these undone tasks over to God in prayer. When we wake up in the morning, we will still have work to do.. But, we will be refreshed to do them. And we will know that we do not do them on our own. God does them through us.

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