Paul writes this letter with his free hand. His other is chained to a guard. Yet he doesn’t ask the recipients to pray for his release, but for the strength to declare the gospel message boldly, even in chains. Witnessing to fellow prisoners, prison guards, visitors, and others through letters he writes to brothers and sisters in Christ.
Christians are imprisoned for their faith yet today. Many are an inspiration to people within and beyond the prison by their commitment to prayer and their hope in Christ.
We may not have physical chains binding us, but each of us are bound by limits, obstacles, hardships that make it difficult to live freely.
My grandmother is a woman who has known poverty. But she has an abundant faith. She taught me to pray not only for my own desires, but for the needs of others. Now that she is in her nineties, she wants nothing more than to go to be with the Lord, but she accepts that she still has something on this earth to do. She still shares her faith with all who visit and through her prayers.
Whatever the chains that bind us, God gives us the freedom to witness to Christ’s love. Let’s pray we do.

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