Divine Generosity

My father is a very generous man. He graciously put me and my sister through college. He paid for all the diapers of his grandchildren. He picks up the tab whenever the family goes out to dinner. Why does he do this? Out of love. I’ve asked him if there is anyway I can give him something back in appreciation for all his gifts. He said he didn’t want a thing. But he would find great pleasure in me passing on my own gifts to others.

We owe our life to gifts. Our Creator God gave in His love. God gave His only beloved son, Jesus Christ  that we might enjoy abundant life. God gave us the Holy Spirit to keep our faith alive. Having receive God’s give of creative, abundant, and on-going life, what can we give in return? What do you give Someone who already has everything, including us. There is nothing we can give God that would be equal to His love for us. There is nothing we can give to earn more love.

What does God expect from us in response to His amazing generosity? Nothing. But, it does give God great delight if we pass on our gifts to others. Through sharing our faith in Christ. To serving those in need. To giving as we have received — not out of obligation, but out of gratitude.

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