More than Human

Read James 3.1

Robert was a member of my church who was asked to be a mentor for Steve, a boy exploring faith. One Sunday, Robert took me aside. Out of breath, he said he had to quit being a mentor. “Why?” I asked.

Robert said, “Yesterday morning, Steve showed up at my apartment at 8 wanting to do something and, well… I wasn’t exactly ready. I had a big party Friday night which sort of, well… spilled over into the next morning, and, you know, it wasn’t good that Steve showed up when he did.”

Teachers, pastors, mentors, even Christians in general, are held to higher standards than others. Some resist this, claiming, “I’m only human.” But we are not only human. Our lives are not our own. We belong to God. This doesn’t mean we are perfect, but we do serve One who is and when we fall into sin, we damage the reflection of God’s holy mission we are to represent.

We may be human, but in Jesus Christ, we are also made holy, set apart for a divine mission that requires us to live up not only to the standards of the world, but to God’s standards. The Spirit of Christ not only shows us a better way to live, but gives us the desire and ability to do so.

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