Keeping Faith

Read Job 1.20-21

Job is a man who has it all, loses everything, yet still keeps faith in God. One troubling question arising from this story has been echoed throughout the ages: “If God is all-loving, and all-powerful, how could He let such tragic suffering come to His people?”

Ted was an account executive at the peak of his career. He was a devoted husband, a faithful father of four, and a deacon in his church.Without warning, a blood clot dislodged from his heart and he suffered an aneurysm. His family and friends sat in stunned silence beside him as he faced the prospect of death or a life severely disabled.

In time, Ted recovered some of his functioning. He required more rest, but was still there for his family. He took a less stressful position in his company. He remained a deacon, though cut back his visitation schedule. Most importantly, Ted kept his faith. When asked how he could still believe in a God who would let this happen, he replied with quiet confidence,”The Lord has given me life, not just once but twice. The best I can do is have faith.”


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