Big Enough for Bitterness

Read Job 23

God has made my heart faint;
    the Almighty has terrified me.
Yet I am not silenced by the darkness,
    by the thick darkness that covers my face.  (Job 23.16-17)

Though Job’s suffering is great, he continues to call on God. His call becomes a bitter complaint before God who seems no where to be found. Job doesn’t hide his anger, his frustration from God, nor does he hide his awe, his great respect for God’s power. He calls on God to rescue him from the darkness of suffering.

Andy was an accomplished teacher. He inspired generations of young men and women to explore great literature. His passion for the written word was infectious. He also cared deeply for his students.

When he retired, life seemed to escape him. Within months, he died.

His widow, Wanda, was terribly grief-stricken. She struggled desperately to find some meaning in her loss. She blamed Andy’s students, for sapping so much of his time and energy. She blamed his colleagues, who never seemed to be there for him. She particularly blamed his principal, who had loaded him up with so much responsibility.

Wanda became bitter in her blaming. This bitterness caused her to forfeit her faith. Rather than lift her complaint to the Lord, as Job does, she became consumed by anger at the world and all those within it.

When we become bitter from suffering, we can turn to the One big enough to handle it who will replace our grief with joy.

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