No Worries

Read Matthew 6.25-34

Don and Marge had lived in their home just outside St. Louis for 33 years. When the 1993 flood struck, the waters covered their land. A neighbor with a pontoon boat picked them up, along with a few items they were able to carry.

With their life savings, they put a down payment on an old home on higher ground. Ladies from church helped Marge fix up the interior. An Amish family helped Don build a pole barn. As he was sharpening his tools, Don told me this:

“People have been very good to us. Funny thing, it seems like the people who have the least have helped us the most.”

Often, the more we have, the less we are led to give. The more we cling to things we own, as if they were our own, the more we worry about losing them. This worry gets in the way of leading the abundant life God offers us in the Spirit of Christ. Life is about so much more than the things we have. God provides all we need and expects us to share what we have — our time, our talent, our money — with those in need.

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