Guiding Light

Read Matthew 2.1-12

When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.  (Matthew 2.10)

When my daughter was 12, she started to sponsor a child from through World Vision. Her name was Maria and she lived in an impoverished section of Brazil. Not only my daughter donate money that helped Maria and her family meet basic needs, but she wrote letters of encouragement to Maria, sharing the hope of Christ with her.

When my daughter turned 16, she had the opportunity to visit Brazil. She contacted Maria to let her know. Maria and her family were delighted. Maria and her father took a six-hour bus trip through rough terrain to meet my daughter and thank her for her gifts. They returned home in darkness, but they carried with them the light of Christ shared with an unlikely teenager from an unfamiliar land.

Like the star at Bethlehem, God shines a light that we might follow our own path to a special place where we find new life, new hope; where we discover Christ in the most unlikely places. In Christ, this light shines through us; the darkness can never overwhelm us. The light of Christ guides us to a place where we can lead holy and joyful lives, no matter where on earth we are.




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