Our Water, God’s Wine

Read John 2:1-11

… the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine. He did not realize where it had come from, though the servants who had drawn the water knew. (John 2:9)

“The matters we or the world might consider trivial, He cares about and wants to remedy. He longs to relieve our worries and has promised to supply our most fundamental needs.” ― Charles Swindoll

What do you do when the wine runs out? Is the party over? Do your guests leave? Do you start cleaning up the mess?

When the wine runs out the wedding in Cana, Mary does something about it. She makes the need known to Jesus. At first he seems annoyed. Maybe he is tired of her meddling. Maybe he is playfully chiding her. Whatever the case, he responds to her expressed concern in a miraculous way. Jesus turns sacred water into delicious wine. 

The question for us is, what do we do when our wine runs out?

The wine of romance from your wedding night: a beautiful night with stars shining, music in the air, the smell of roses….gone after 7 years of stormy days, hacking sounds and morning breath. The wine has run out. Do you leave? Or do you find some water and let Christ turn it into wine.

The wine of strength from your glory days: lights shining, all eyes on you, carrying the ball across the goal line with a roar from the crowd; now, darkness, alone you hold a pillow over your face. The wine has run out. Do you leave? Or do you find some water and let Christ turn it into wine?

The wine of popularity; all pews filled, building projects funded, children confirmed, everywhere holy, happy families. Now, more gaps than bodies, budget crunch, a handful in youth group; broken families, damaged lives. Do you leave? Or do you find some water and let Christ turn it into wine?

When the wine runs out, there is a guest among us who can do something about it.

What wine has run out in your life?

How might Jesus turn your water into wine?

Lord Jesus, you respond to our concerns in amazing ways. Send your Spirit into our hearts that we may boldly come before your throne of grace and lay out our hearts before you.


  1. So many people in this world today need their water turned into wine by Christ. There are days when I could do with some precious heaven-sent wine when the pain gets too much. But then I realise God is doing just that when I’m drawn closer to Him in my pain.

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