Being Committed

But you, God, see trouble of the afflicted:

you consider their grief and take it in hand.

The victims commit themselves to you;

you are the helper of the fatherless (Psalm 10.14)

Nearly every time I have relied on my own efforts to accomplish something, I have failed. Success has come only when I surrender my will to the One who gives me the strength to accomplish all things.

Over the past four months, I have been committed to a healthy eating plan and increased exercise. “Committed” not in the sense of personal persistence, but as in being locked into, confined.  The word translated “commit” in Psalm 10.14 conveys a strong sense of
“leaves/deserts/abandons himself.” (Alex Motyer, Psalms Day by Day). Being committed is not something to brag about. It is something to be grateful for.

I have been committed to many things in my life. Often the things I have lose myself in have consumed me. Drugs. Alcohol. Overwork. As I turned myself over to these death-dealing gods, I have moved away from the life-giving God.

I’m grateful  that I have come to a place in my life where I have abandoned these false gods and grown closer to the one, true God. This doesn’t mean my devotion will never fall. I have days when I turn back out of fear, distrust, impatience. But God consistently claims me as His own. All I need to do is quit clinging to myself and let myself be hugged by Him.


  1. A good clean look for this blog Tony! I’m a big believer that all the parts work together for a strong walk – -The physical and spiritual somehow feed off each other – I don’t understand it, but know that my three times a week at the Y the last 18 months has changed my life -not bragging – its not about that – its about making a commitment.



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