Choosing Life

But because the midwives feared God, they refused to obey the king’s orders. They allowed the boys to live, too.   (Exodus 1.17)
Moses owes his life to women who respond to God’s call to choose life in a culture of death.
Some time ago, I came to know a woman named Maggie. When she was 16, Maggie was forcibly coerced into having sex. She became pregnant. When she told the father he said, “It’s not my problem. You take care of it.”
Maggie say no good option. She knew she could not raise a child herself. She worried that placing her child in an adoptive family would bring her emotional anguish. She choose to have an abortion.
This did not take care of her “problem.” She became haunted by regret, particularly when she saw mothers with infant babies in their arms.
The good news is Maggie did not wallow in her shame. She was moved to share her story with young women facing the life and death decision of birth vs. abortion. She served in her church nursery. In time, she became a foster parent and would later adopt four children who would otherwise have been aborted.
I thank God for women like Maggie who come to recognize the preciousness of children and choose life over death.

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