Praise: Past, Present, and Future

Read Psalm 13

… I trust in your unfailing love;

my heart rejoices in your salvation.

I will sing the LORD’s praise,

for he has  been good to me.  (Psalm 13.5-6)

For over three years now, my son Caleb has been struggling with a rare, debilitating condition that has been found in only a few dozen children with Down Syndrome as they enter puberty. He has gone from being the life of the party to a social recluse. He has lost the ability to perform most every daily tasks (except eating… he still loves to eat. 🙂

Caleb has the medical professionals shaking their heads. Even the Johns Hopkins head of neurology for developmentally disabled persons can’t find suitable treatment beyond some pills that may help some, but not much.

Spiritually, Caleb is battling enemy attack. While it’s impossible to know how much he can process, it’s clear he is frustrated by his inability to express himself. As he wrestles with this hidden enemy, our own faith is tested.

In Psalm 13 and elsewhere, David prays to God not so much to destroyed the enemy, butto frustrate his plans and give us strength that we might endure, that we gain an infusion of life through the Holy Spirit so we can enjoy God and glorify him forever, no matter what our level of functioning.

Because David knows God’s saving love so deeply, he praises God even before his enemy is defeated. David has the faith to be strong in times of trial. He knows God is listen and will rescue us from the grip of our enemies, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I thank God for Caleb’s affection, for the way he has brightened my life and the lives of many others. I thank God that Caleb still has a sense of prayer, a connection to God. And I thank God for the promise that Caleb will continue to grow in grace, no matter what lies ahead.




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